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✯ Classic U.S. Coin Estate Collection ✯ Includes Silver! Rare Old US Coin Lot ✯

✯ Classic U.S. Coin Estate Collection ✯ Includes Silver! Rare Old US Coin Lot ✯

✯ Classic U.S. Coin Estate Collection ✯ Includes Silver! Rare Old US Coin Lot ✯

ICONIC US COINS TYPE SETOwn these 8 rare symbolic coins from our nation's past!



We've been putting aside these valuable coins from all of the private collections and estate hoards that we've purchased over the years.  We now have a large quantity of these iconic coins that we are offering at a huge discount!  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!  Coins like these are highly valued by collectors.  They're pieces of our nation's past that you'll be proud to have in your collection.


Own a piece of history that you can hold in your hands!  All of these coins are between 60 and 130 years old!  WOW!  They're certainly not the type of coins you'll find in circulation today.  For a limited time, we're offering these classic old US coins in lots of 8 different coins, at our lowest price ever.  Don't miss out!  Also make sure to check out our bonus offers below, for multiple lot purchases.  The value simply can't be beat!

Each $19.95 lot = 8 classic US coins(since we are offering multiple lots of these great coins, you will receive coins similar in condition to those pictured, and dates may vary as noted below)

You'll only receive top quality coins when you purchase our lots.  Every coin will have a full readable date.  All of the damaged and cull coins have been removed.

Each 8 coin lot will contain the following:

☆ 1 Standing Liberty SILVER Quarter (dated 1916-1930)

☆ 1 Barber SILVER Dime (dated 1898-1916)

☆ 1 Mercury SILVER Dime (dated 1916-1945)

☆ 1 Indian Head Penny (dated 1890-1909)

☆ 1 Liberty 'V' Nickel (dated 1895-1912)

☆ 1 Buffalo Nickel (dated 1920-1937)

☆ 1 Steel WWII Issued Wheat Cent (dated 1943)

☆ 1 Wheat Ear Lincoln Cent (dated 1930-1958)

Buy one or buy a few, the shipping is always FREE!

Our ability to purchase coins like this in large quantities means that we can offer them to you at wholesale prices.  We do all of the hard work so you can enjoy the savings!  Our 15+ years as an seller and a leader in estate coin sales guarantees that you will get high quality coins at some of the lowest prices on .  Nothing else even comes close!  Our thousands of satisfied buyers would agree!

These coins make great investments that will be a treasured part of your collection for years to come.  They also make great gifts for the holidays and are great to trade or sell yourself!  The possibilities are endless!  And don't worry about getting all of the same date in your lots - you won't!  We always provide as many different dates as possible for multiple purchases.

We know you will love our coins!  And we'll back it up with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee! 

To put it simply, we want you to be happy with your purchase.  All of our coin lots are backed by our money back guarantee that most other listings don't offer!  We've been a trusted seller for nearly two decades, and for good reason!  Our thousands of successful transactions and near 100% feedback rating speaks for itself!


Purchase (2) or more lots and you will receive a BONUS Uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Cent

Very scarce and hard to find in this condition!

Purchase (3) or more lots and we will upgrade the silver quarter to a Barber Head Quarter over 100 years old!These old silver quarters are very rare, having been issued 100-120 years ago!  Also receive the uncirculated wheat penny.

Purchase (4) or more lots and you will receive a bonus silver coin!

Also receive the Barber Quarter and uncirculated wheat cent.

Purchase (10) or more lots and you will receive a bonus Morgan Silver Dollar coin (1878-1921)!

Also receive the bonus silver coin, Barber Quarter, and uncirculated wheat cent.

It's easy to see that purchasing multiple coins is the way to go.  When you buy more than one lot, it saves us time and labor required to ship them, and we can pass these savings along to you by offering these great bonuses.  Don't miss out - we only have a limited number of these coins available. 

Don't be fooled by similar listings that offer fewer coins at a higher price.  Our lots are without a doubt the best deal around.  When you buy from us, you can buy with confidence from a trusted seller with over 15 years of experience.

Please check out our other estate coin lots at incredible savings.  With so many choices, you're sure to find something you'll love.  Our ability to buy in mass quantities allows us to offer these rare US coins at far below retail prices.  Now you can buy like a dealer at a huge discount!  Try a few lots today - you won't be disappointed!

About Us:We started out as a small hobby seller on many years ago, fueled by our passion for coins.  We are now a Gold Power$eller with tens of thousands of successful transactions and a leader is estate coin sales.  A lot has changed since we started out, but our passion has remained the same.  We love coins and we love offering them to our customers!  Have a question or need help?  Send us a message and we'll be glad to assist you.  Want to return or exchange an item?  No problem - just let us know and we will respond right away.  Our great deals and top notch customer service keep our customers coming back for more!  We would like to thank everyone that has made our business a success.  We hope to see you on again soon! 

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